Nieuw album The Gaslight Anthem verschijnt deze zomer

Nieuw album The Gaslight Anthem verschijnt deze zomer

The Gaslight Anthem’s aankomende album zal aan het einde van deze zomer verschijnen. Muziekmagazine Rolling Stone schrijft dit in een artikel over de band. Het album is in zesenhalve week opgenomen in de Blackbird Studio. Lees hieronder een fragment uit het artikel.

The band spent six and a half weeks recording their fifth studio album (due in the late summer) at Blackbird Studio in a string of the sessions frontman Brian Fallon describes as “completely different than anything we had ever done before.”

“Instead of going that extra step of just adding some organ or some background vocals, this time we actually really changed up a lot of the sounds,” he explains (the band gave RS an exclusive look behind the recording process). “There are certain new songs where you might say, ‘Oh, that could have been on Handwritten,’ or ‘That could have been on 59 Sound,’ but there are some songs where you’re going to be like, ‘This has never been touched by this band before.’”

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