Every Time I Die deelt nieuwe track

Every Time I Die

Every Time I Die deelt nieuwe track

De Amerikaanse hardcore band Every Time I Die heeft een nieuw nummer, genaamd “Glitches”, gedeeld. Het nummer zal verschijnen op het aankomende album Low Teens, dat vanaf 23 september verkrijgbaar is via Epitaph Records. In een interview met Alternative Press legt frontman Keith Buckley de inspiratie achter het nummer uit:

“I wrote what would eventually become the lyrics to ‘Glitches’ after the terrorist attack in Paris when it was revealed to me just how mentally unprepared I was to deal with tragedy of that caliber. All of my training in Transcendental Meditation went out the window. [I] was scared and uncertain and angry. The system of peace and patience I thought I had established disappeared and what remained was my old ugly self. I learned quickly that nothing can prepare you for an anomaly. For a glitch.”

Op 5 december treedt de band samen met ’68 en Drug Church op in Dynamo in Eindhoven.

Beluister “Glitches” hieronder.

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