Nieuw Linkin Park album najaar 2016

Linkin Park

Nieuw Linkin Park album najaar 2016

Eerder deze maand plaatste Linkin Park een foto waarmee werd aangegeven dat de band weer de studio in is gegaan om aan een album te werken. Nu heeft de band’s rapper Mike Shinoda aangegeven dat de opvolger van The Hunting Party uit 2014 in het najaar van 2016 zal verschijnen:

“It’s going well. It’s gonna be [released] later… It’s probably, like, second half of this year, I think. We’ve started on it. We’ve got some songs. They’re mostly just like words and melodies at this point… I think everybody is pretty happy with where things are at. [Guitarist] Brad and [singer] Chester have been coming in with me a lot and… I feel like it’s really a good start. We don’t have any names for the songs or anything like that… it’s mostly just vocals and piano and guitar — like, acoustic guitar — and some samples and stuff at this point. And even as stripped down as that is, I think we’re all really happy and we’re really excited about where things are going.”

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