Interview: Blitz Kids

Interview: Blitz Kids

I think next time you can do something even bigger!
We need to record the new album first, we are writing at the moment. We will see when it finishes, maybe next year..

What do you expect from tonight’s show?
It’s the third time playing, I’m just expecting a really good show, ‘cause every show has been amazing. The first time we were supporting with ten people, the room was full. Second time with All Time Low, it was obviously packed. Every day of this tour keeps getting better and better so I hope it will be the same tonight, then tomorrow as well and it will be 100% success.

What’s the song you like playing the most and the one you like playing the least?
I love playing “Perfect” because it’s easy to sing and fun to interact with the crowd. People know when we’re about to play that song and they start screaming. I used to be like ‘jump, jump, jump’ – I don’t do that anymore cause they know when it’s time to jump. That’s really fun to play live. My least song to play live is.. None of the songs of the set I think cause I’ve kicked them out. I think I didn’t really like playing “Story” at all because although the chorus was good, it reminded me of bad memories I spent with previous members of the band and I don’t feel like sharing those moments with the crowd. It was a bit boring.

Where did you record the new album? And why is it called The Good Youth?
We recorded it with John Feldmann in Los Angeles. It’s called The Good Youth because it’s really nostalgic. It’s all about stuff I’ve been through and a lot of it is from a while back when I was in high school and college. I think it’s a kind of a record I wanted to hear when I was in high school, because the music I listened to never really spoke to me – the stuff I’ve been through. So now I want for other people to hear it and for myself as well.

So you’re the one writing lyrics?
Yes, but not always. We used to do it like that where everyone had it’s own part. It got strange and boring, it didn’t have connection, no sound. Now, whoever has the best concept or idea, we discuss it and we see what to do. I don’t wanna write about me, I want to write about the band, so if anyone has stuff to write about we do it. I want everyone in the band to be into it, I want us as a band to write lyrics that mean something to each one of us. That’s how Jono’s written “Title Fight” because it’s about his problems with anxiety and Nic with “Run For Cover”.

Are you releasing a video for “Perfect”? If so, when?
It has been filmed ages ago. But we didn’t like some stuff but we’re still editing. I want it to be ‘perfect’, I want people to really like it. Mark your calendar, it’s going to be out August 12th as well as on the radio in the UK nationwide, then Europe.

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