Frontman Escape The Fate: “Annulering Warped heeft meerdere redenen”

Frontman Escape The Fate: “Annulering Warped heeft meerdere redenen”

Slechts een paar dagen voordat de Europese Vans Warped Tour van start ging, lieten de heren van Escape The Fate weten dat zij zich terugtrokken van alle data en de tour met Chiodos, die hier omheen gepland was. De reden die zij hiervoor gaven was dat de vriendin van frontman Craig Mabbit ieder moment kon bevallen van het tweede kind van het stel. Het zoontje, Caige Michael-Edward Mabbitt, is op 5 november inderdaad gezond geboren.

Gelijk nadat de band openbaar maakte dat zij de Vans Warped Tour hadden gecanceld, Tweette oprichter Kevin Lyman echter dat de geboorte van het kindje niet de echte reden was dat de band heeft afgezegd. Dit blijkt waar te zijn, zo liet Craig Mabbitt in een statement weten. De andere redenen blijven echter nog vaag. Check zijn bericht hieronder.

Helaas is dit de derde keer op rij dat de band hun show in Nederland heeft moeten afzeggen, maar Mabbitt garandeert dat ze dit in 2014 dubbel en dwars zullen goedmaken met hun fans.

Dear fans of Escape The Fate:

As many of you know, we had to cancel our upcoming European Warped tour and European headlining dates with Chiodos. This was not a decision we took lightly nor wished to make. The fact is that Escape The Fate has had a number of challenges recently – with Monte and Michael, with those in whose trust we previously placed our business and with our families. But all of these challenges are currently being overcome so Escape The Fate can continue to be a band for many years to come – and to be the best band we can be so this never happens again.

It is true that there were many factors that contributed to our inability to do the tour but after it became clear that my girlfriend was facing continued complications with the birth of our son, I had to make the decision to be with her. I’m still at the hospital as I write this, and am happy to report we now have a healthy baby boy!

Nothing is more important to us than our fans and we intend to make it up to all of you. 2013 has been a difficult year for us, but we are confident that we are now poised to make 2014 the best year we’ve ever had. Your support is so appreciated and means more than you can ever know.


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