Never Shout Never spreekt over nieuw album

Never Shout Never spreekt over nieuw album

In 2014 zullen de heren van Never Shout Never een nieuw album uitbrengen en naar eigen zeggen heeft deze een old school / rock ’n roll sound. De nieuwe plaat wordt iets uitgebreider en misschien wel ingewikkelder dan voorganger Sunflower, dat enigszins beperkt bleef tot gitaar, basgitaar en drums. Check hieronder een fragment uit een interview met frontman Christofer Drew.

You’ve got all sorts of things happening in 2014.
Yeah, it’s going to be an awesome year. I’m getting warmed up for it because I’ve just been writing nonstop. We already got the Raw stuff recorded—all the instrumentals—so we just have to do the vocals on that. But we’re going to take our sweet-ass time getting that done. That stuff’s pretty sick: It’s like punk rock; it’s got, like, a protest message to it. It’s riffy, kind of like Rage Against The Machine, but then the vocals sound like Tool. It’s really odd, but I’ve enjoyed doing it so far. It’s just for fun. Literally, there’s no pressure on that. I’m really pumped about the new Never Shout Never stuff, too. We’re just going for a basic, old school, rock ’n’ roll sound. It’s a little more intricate than Sunflower. OnSunflower, I was trying to get down to the basics of the three-piece sound. On this new stuff, we’re going to go crazy with the instrumentation by adding whatever we want instead of keeping it minimal, but still having that three-piece sound, letting the guitar, bass and drums rock the whole thing. We’re going to even it out with some acoustic songs with storytelling. So, I think it’s going to be a pretty nice mix. We’re just trying to keep developing. I feel like we’re getting back to the basic 12-bar blues. We’ve already got some fun songs, too. They’re Rolling Stones influenced, and kind of like the more upbeat, heavier Beatles songs.

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