Aaron Melzer (SECRETS) over incident met Sierra Kusterbeck

Aaron Melzer (SECRETS) over incident met Sierra Kusterbeck

Gisteren kwam naar buiten dat Kyle Lucas van SECRETS en Jonny Craig in elkaar geslagen zijn door vrienden van Sierra Kusterbeck van VersaEmerge. Op dat moment was niet duidelijk wat Kusterbeck er zelf precies mee te maken had, maar volgens SECRETS-zanger Aaron Melzer stond de zangeres erbij om haar vrienden op te jutten. Melzer heeft zijn kant van het verhaal in een statement naar buiten gebracht, deze kun je hieronder lezen.

This is my account of the night… I was walking to meet up with the rest of SECRETS when I saw Jonny Craig and Kyle Lucas in the middle of the street surrounded by and clearly in some sort of confrontation with a group of appx. 6 guys and Sierra Kusterbeck standing behind the group of 6 periodically adding remarks to the confrontation. I went up to try and diffuse the situation by reasoning with Sierra. When she ignored my request to solve this peacefully I went to jonny and kyle to get them out of the situation when all of a sudden one of the 6 guys ran up to attack Jonny from behind. I pulled the kid off and threw him to the ground I was immediately sucker punched repeatedly from behind. Kyle was attacked from behind during the mix of everything as well. Before we could react to what had just happened, the group had run across the street and taken refuge in a bar that refused us entry. As they were running away they made a couple remarks along the lines of “nobody f**ks with our girl Sierra.” It was an unfortunate situation that none of us deserved to be a part of. The kids were clearly looking for a fight and weren’t going to leave until they got what they came for. On a side note, Jonny and Kyle both know how to take a punch. They’re both tough dudes.

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