Woe, Is Me gaat uit elkaar

Woe, Is Me gaat uit elkaar

Woe, Is Me heeft bekend gemaakt dat zij ermee gaan stoppen. Frontman Hance Allgood heeft een statement naar buiten gebracht, deze kun je hieronder lezen.

Well, a lot of these statements start off with the exact same thing: “It deeply saddens me to say” or “I never thought I’d be typing this”, or something along those lines.

The truth is, I’ve been sad for a while. Not necessarily sad, I suppose, just unhappy. I’ve lost the passion for this genre of music I once had and I don’t think it’s ever gonna come back. I honestly wish there was more to the story than that. I wish there was something for me to elaborate on and try to get you to wrap your head around this complex story. In reality, I decided to leave the band because my heart just wasn’t in it anymore. I could no longer continue faking my happiness and passion for it. It wouldn’t have been fair to the other guys, it wouldn’t have been fair to all our wonderful fans, and it wouldn’t be fair to myself.

I hope you guys understand why the band decided to call it quits, though. We as a band, even since I joined, have been through numerous member changes. It’s nothing that the band hasn’t overcome before, but I’m sure you can understand at this point, another singer change would not be something the guys would want to subject themselves to. I can’t blame them, and I hope they don’t blame me as the reason for all of this. I love those guys like brothers.

I do want you (the fans) to know that I held on as long as I could. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that without you guys, none of this would have even been possible. It took a lot of people a while to come around when I joined the band. I was the new guy, replacing a super talented singer who was an original member and also a power-house vocalist. But at the end of the day, I felt so much love and support from you guys. That love and support is something I will forever be grateful for. Words can’t even explain my love for the fans of this band.

I’m still the same old Hance. I’m just looking for a new chapter in my life, a new musical endeavor that I can find my passion for. I want to create music until the day that I die. I just want to be involved in a musical project that makes me completely, 100% happy. I still want to tour, I still want to make records for you guys, and I hope that in time, you will follow me (and the rest of the guys) and join me on my new musical journey.

In the next few weeks I will be taking the necessary steps to figure out a game plan from here. I’ve already got things in the works as far as new music in concerned. I’ve been talking to a few people about the idea of a new band, and I’m also about to start writing for a full length solo album. I’m really excited about those things. I don’t plan on slowing down at all.

So I guess, in closing.. I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you to the fans who have helped us every step of the way to keep this dream alive. Thank you to anyone who has ever bought tickets to a show, bought any of our merch, bought our music, or anything else. Thank you to the very special people I’ve met on tours that shared their life stories with me (you all know who you are).

Thank you to Kevin Hanson, Brian Medley, Doriano Magliano, Andrew Paiano, and David Angle. Touring for the past 2 years with this band have been excellent. We went across the world and back! There are a lot of people who will never get to experience the things we have and see the parts of the world we’ve seen. I am grateful for every opportunity we had.

As of right now, I am unsure about our future plans. But all of that will be answered very soon, I’m sure.

I wanna say a special thank you to two bands: We Came As Romans and A Skylit Drive. Every one of the guys in each of these bands has taught me something worth remembering.

I will never forget any of the people I’ve met and the stories you’ve shared with me. I will take them with me into my next musical endeavor and with me for the rest of my life.

I love all of you so very much, and I hope you can understand why I had to do this.

Until next time,

Hoewel het tussen de band en ex-lid Tyler Carter niet altijd even goed boterde, is ook hij teleurgesteld om dit nieuws, zo liet hij op Twitter weten.

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