Green Day schrijft nieuwe muziek

Green Day schrijft nieuwe muziek

Billie Joe Armstrong is pas ontslagen uit de afkickkliniek, maar vertelde dat Green Day gelijk weer is begonnen met het schrijven van nieuw materiaal. Dit nieuwe materiaal kunnen we echter niet snel verwachten, zo vertelt Armstrong dat hij de nieuwe nummers niet gaat afraffelen. “Het moeten nummers worden die volledig zijn afgewerkt, alles moet kloppen. Net als bij het eerste album van The Ramones en de eerste van Clash – die nummers zijn volledig afgewerkt.” Je kunt hieronder lezen wat Armstrong nog meer te vertellen heeft.

“It would be great to do another rock opera, but using more lo-fi technology,” Armstrong told RS. “I love shitty-sounding records. I’d love to do more stuff with Green Day that is 100 percent live. Sometimes I wish we would have recorded our last records that way — that Exile on Main Street feel, where you just get some good tones and go.”

But don’t expect Green Day’s next opus anytime soon. Armstrong has guitar riffs and is constantly writing lyrics, but he’s not churning out a quickie “rehab” album. “It’s too early,” he told RS. “I feel I have to wait this one out. I don’t want to jump in and get myself overwhelmed.”

He continued, fittingly echoing a slogan of Alcoholics Anonymous: “I can only take it one song at a time. I just want to write good songs that people love, which is a tough thing to do.”

Luckily, Armstrong has good inspirations and a perfectionist streak. “One thing I can’t do is do anything half-assed,” he’s quoted as saying. “I want to make sure everything is right, that the song is fully realized. I think of the first Ramones album and the first Clash album — those songs are fully realized, well played.”

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