Only Seven Left overtreft verwachtingen in Jakarta

Only Seven Left overtreft verwachtingen in Jakarta

Momenteel zijn de heren van Only Seven Left op tour door Indonesië. Gisteravond traden zij op in Jakarta en onze Indonesische reporter Arin was hierbij om er een review over te schrijven. Dit deed zij in het Engels en omdat we ook een aantal Indonesische lezers hebben, laten we dit zo.

Only Seven Left is currently touring in 3 cities in Indonesia: Jakarta, Bogor, and Bandung. It is actually the first time they visit Indonesia and I got to see them live in Erasmuishuis, Jakarta. To be honest, many were skeptical about the turn out of the show, considering they are one of the underrated bands in Indonesia. But all doubts faded away instantly. Wait, did I mention the show was free? Yes, it was free, woop!

The room was packed. Lights were dimmed, all five members (minus Roderick who was replaced by Lucas Hamming at the time) walked on to the stage and the crowd went crazy. “Kalian siap? (Are you guys ready?)” frontman Bjørgen greeted. They opened the show with “Runaway”, followed by “Safe To Say” and “Turn Your Head Around” and must I say they played the songs amazingly. The highlights of the show was when they asked the winners of their contest to perform “Love Will Lighten The Dark” together on stage. Another highlight was their cover medley of a couple mainstream songs.

They were interacting with the crowd, friendly and very energetic as well. They really know how to entertain people. I could tell the crowd was extremely pleased. They played mostly new songs and although I wish they would play older songs, it was an amazing set nonetheless. The lighting and sound were fantastic for a small venue, bonus points! The show went about an hour and they ended the show by giving high-fives to the crowd (including me) and held a meet and greet afterwards.

All in all, 5/5 stars to Only Seven Left and of course we hope they will come back to Indonesia in the future.

Written by Arin Pradhani

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