We Came As Romans bespreekt album, nieuwe muziek

We Came As Romans bespreekt album, nieuwe muziek

In 2011 kwam het album Understanding What We’ve Grown To Be van We Came As Romans uit. De band heeft besloten dit album onlangs te re-releasen om de fans tevreden te houden, zo vertelde gitarist Joshua Moore in een recent interview. De band vond dat er anders teveel tijd tussen de albums zou zitten.

Stiekem konden de heren zelfzelf ook niet meer wachten. Op de re-release van Understanding What We’ve Grown To Be staan drie nieuwe nummers. De band was erg enthousiast over deze nummers en wilde deze snel uitbrengen, zo vertelde Moore. Je kunt hieronder een fragment van bovengenoemd interview lezen.

In the initial statement about these tracks, you said these new songs are indicative of the direction you want to go in, and you also said it’s sort of a progression while sticking to your roots. Having heard them, I kind of know what you mean, but can you expand on that?
The song “Hope,” we just released has this huge electronic feel to it. There’s a keyboard throughout the whole song. It’s mostly reminiscent of elements of To Plant A Seed, like “Broken Statues” or “Beliefs.” We used a lot of those keyboard sounds on that CD. Then, as the song progresses, it has kind of a verse-chorus style to it, which is definitely something new to us. We’ve never done, like, straight verses before, but we tried to put our own little spin on it, and then instead of a bridge in a typical, mainstream song, we did a breakdown, which of course, we’ve done since the beginning of our band, and over the breakdown, we have a clean guitar lead that I play, which is something we really focused on on Understanding. There was a ton of clean guitar on that CD, and it was something new that we kind of dove into. It has this electronic element of To Plant A Seed, with the clean guitar and the low ambient leads of Understanding What We’ve Grown To Be, while diving into something new with a more anthem-like chorus.

The songs are pretty anthemic, and I could hear the clean parts you put in, and elements that maybe you would have thrown in and sectioned in the past seemed to be more woven throughout.
Yeah. It’s definitely a struggle to… It’s hard to not keep releasing the same CD over and over and over again, and as much as you want to force the progression of your band, it has to be a natural thing, too. We tried to take the things that came natural in the course of our band in the course of songwriting and those are things that we justwanted to do, that I just wanted to write. It wasn’t like, “Oh, I need to do this because it’s popular” or “It’s what people expect” or anything like that. It was just where we wanted to take our songs, and so we did “Hope” with this mindset of let’s write this song where we want to take it, but leave a little hint of where we came from and where we’ve been in the past. I guess the structure of the song is new to us—something that we haven’t done before, like, a very strictly verse-chorus type structure with a little WCAR spin on it.

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