Details nieuw album Paramore

Details nieuw album Paramore

Hayley Williams, de zangeres van Paramore, heeft in een recent interview meer verteld over het langverwachte nieuwe album van de band, die 9 april uit zal komen via Fueled By Ramen. Zo legde zij uit waarom dit vierde album self-titled is, waarom men er zo lang op heeft moeten wachten en de inspiratiebronnen die het drietal gebruikte voor Paramore. Hieronder kun je een fragment van bovengenoemd interview lezen.

I’ve heard through the grapevine that the sound of the new album could be compared to the likes of Metric, is this true at all and what were some of your influences when it came to writing and recording?
I’d be lying if I said we didn’t collectively listen to more electronic music during this process than ever before. I think it’s just because that genre is super hot right now. Even so, I wouldn’t say we sound like any of those bands. It sounds more like someone let us loose in a blow up castle full of instruments and we just bounced around it in for a few days with… purpose? Taylor was listening to Alt-J a lot, I was listening to that Sirius XM channel called “1st Wave” every day just getting my gothy vibes on in the car, and Jeremy keeps us well versed in new hip-hop. No dubstep was jammed in the making of this album.

By the time the album is released it will be over 3 and a half years since you released your last full length, Brand New Eyes. This gap has been the longest break between albums for you as band (sans the Singles Club), do you feel that it has created a new kind of pressure for the album?
Actually, I feel it created the opposite. Even though we never really went anywhere, we needed to go away for a minute. The drama was boring for me so I can’t imagine how boring it must’ve been for fans. Especially for people who weren’t fans! I could almost hear them, “Ugh, there goes Paramore again acting like a bunch of schoolyard brats!” The time we had was a good way to let the dust settle and it feels like we’re getting a second chance. Maybe now people can hear the music for what it is and not for the same old story that was on the cover of every little magazine.

As for album details, can you share any additional info about the record? Like song titles, album length, etc?
This is the longest album we’ve ever recorded. I’m proud of that. To be honest, when we started writing it, even completing 5 songs seemed like an impossibility! As for titles, I’m not sure why we still haven’t released the track listing, but I should probably wait for that before I go ruining surprises like I always do!

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