Nieuw album Paramore over twee weken af

Nieuw album Paramore over twee weken af

Paramore is over twee weken klaar met hun nieuwe album, dit maakte zangeres Hayley Williams bekend in een blog. Het laatste album van de band, Brand New Eyes, verscheen in 2009. Lees hieronder de hele blog van Hayley Williams.

“It’s a cloudy, perfect morning in Los Angeles… though i bet by the time i’m done writing this the sun will be absolutely raging in the sky, as usual. anyways, while i have a minute before the rest of the city wakes up, i figured i could come back here and write down (type out – 2012) some thoughts.

should i just say it, right up front? yeah, i can’t keep secrets and what would be the point? here goes: we’re about 2 weeks away from finishing this thing. our 4th album!

to be honest, a year ago… we were only speculating, hoping, praying about what this was going to sound like. what it would FEEL like. remember the Alternative Press cover story we did? the one where we acted so confident about how this whole thing was going to go down? i don’t know who we were trying to convince more, you guys or ourselves! i mean, we obviously had a big dream of what album 4 would be like and the brightness that the songs would sort of radiate. it just didn’t always seem like we were going to get there. now, we are getting ready to wrap it all up and a tie a nice little bow around it. it’s humbling to see the light at the end of the tunnel. to know that we accepted the challenge, took the journey and never looked back.

there are only a few more songs to finish and just like the rest of them, they are all very dear to us. fitting, the way that these songs laid out that the last one on our to-do list is the first of all the ideas i’d ever written down. i can still remember picking two strings of my guitar over and over again and singing the words into my iphone recorder thinking, “this probably won’t make it to the album…” but i liked it just for myself ‘cause the words made me feel better.

it took us a bit to finish it. let’s see, i started it in early 2011 and we didn’t get it done ‘til… this past spring? (damn.) we just weren’t really sure where to go with it because nothing seemed to give us the same feeling as what was already there. then one day, as the 3 of us and JMJ (our producer, for those just joining the party) were sitting in the studio lounge just messing with whatever random instruments were there that day, the song just fell from heaven into our heart brains and that’s my cool story bro. that was that day we knew the song would most definitely make it to the album. i couldn’t be more excited that you guys will get to hear it. it’s an important piece of the puzzle and for me, a very important part of our entire story.

really though, what if in a few weeks we were like… “JUST KIDDING GUYS!!! we haven’t been making an album, we’ve just been living in LA getting sunburned and eating tons of vegan desserts!” that would make you mad, right? ok, ‘cause that’s not what we’ve been doing. sort of. ok, we have been doing those things but we were mostly making an album.


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