Green Day in nieuwe CSI

Green Day in nieuwe CSI

Green Day heeft de eer gekregen om de soundtrack van een CSI: NY aflevering te maken.

Bekijk hieronder een bericht over de aflevering.

The Bay-Area punk band’s tunes will be spotlighted when Crime Scene Investigators race to catch a shooter after Anna Belkap’s character is injured during the attempted murder of a political candidate. Expect to hear “Stop When The Red Lights Flash,” “Amy,” “Night Life,” “The Forgotten” and “Kill The DJ” during the action.
According to executive producer Pam Veasey, “My ultimate goal was to tell a story without dialogue, and Green Day’s music and lyrics beautifully accompanied the visuals making it a very special episode.”
“We were stoked when we found out CSI: NY wanted to use our music instead of dialogue to narrate the first few acts of the episode,” said Green Day. “It’s the first time something like this has been done on the series, and we are blown away with what we’ve seen.”

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