The Dangerous Summer verliest gitarist

The Dangerous Summer verliest gitarist

Bryan Czap, gitarist van The Dangerous Summer, heeft laten weten dat hij de band verlaat. Hoewel zij een gitarist armer zijn, heeft de band besloten toch naar het Verenigd Koninkrijk af te reizen om er volgende week een aantal keer op te treden. Over zijn vertrek heeft Czap een statement naar buiten gebracht, deze kun je hieronder lezen.

been holding off letting this news out for a while.. i will no longer be in the dangerous summer for both business and personal reasons.. i am not quitting music nor do i hold any type of grudge with the rest of the band. for the past few tours/months my head has been clouded ive been stressed and i have been feeling like my hearts just not in it anymore. the dangerous summer are like my brothers and this band has been my life for 6 years.  and i wish them the best of luck in the future.. I myself have big plans for new music and new dreams that i feel i need to pursue. thank you to all my fans who have stood by the band since the beginning. and i wanna thank all the people who have helped the band become what it is today (hopeless records, fata booking, , paul leavitt, jamie osman, will noon, jason tate, soroka productions) just to name a few, you guys made my dream a reality

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