Frontman Sleeping With Sirens over vaderschap

Frontman Sleeping With Sirens over vaderschap

Kellin Quinn, frontman van Sleeping With Sirens is vader van een 3 maanden oude dochter. Onlangs vertelde hij in een interview, wat het vaderschap doet met zijn creativiteit en inspiratie.

Lees hieronder dit deel van het interview, geniet ervan!

Do you think being a new dad will factor into what you write or greatly affect your creativity?
I’m sure it will do something. But I don’t think you’ll hear lullabies on the new album [laughs]. Usually, since I don’t have a lot of pain or a ton of conflict in my life, I look around and learn from people when I write. I look to fans and friends and other things around me. I like to write about things that don’t reflect exactly on my life. On “A Trophy Father’s Son,” from the second album, a lot of people think that might be about me and relationship with my dad. There might be a little of that, but mostly it’s more about how other kids go through life and deal with divorce. Creatively, it might give me some cool things to write about fatherhood, but in a less detailed way. You know, more underneath the seams.

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