Frontman His Statue Falls uit band gegooid

Frontman His Statue Falls uit band gegooid

Via een bericht op de Facebook pagina van His Statue Falls heeft de Duitse Techcore formatie bekend gemaakt dat Alex Sauer, de frontman van de band, uit de band gegooid hebben.  De band heeft laten weten dat zij meerdere shows hebben moeten annuleren door Alex en het onmogelijk is om nog met hem te werken in de band.

Als wij contact zoeken met Alex Sauer met de vraag of hij meer wilt vertellen over het voorval is alles wat wij terug krijgen: “They kicked me, that’s the info you need.” 

Lees hieronder de verklaring van de band.

As some of you might have heard, we regrettably had to cancel both our shows at Holter Meeting and Rodarock. Our disappointment is as big as yours but we had no other options.
Due to an unexpectable last minute cancellation from our shouter Alex, we had no chance to find a substitute shouter on such a short notice.

Unfortunately we had this problem in the past, where we had to cancel shows or play them with a sub because of Alex (Impericon Festival, HellDeathFest, Sputtenmosh…).

As a result of this event and previous conflicts between Alex and the rest of the Band, it became impossible for us to continue working with him.

The decision to let Alex go was not easy for us but it was the only way to keep the band from falling apart.

Recent public opinions and comments made by Alex were least representing the band and more his own point of view. Other than that, he repeatedly ignored our decisions and agreements and was not able to compromise in discussions.
We don’t want to bare you with an endless list of our differences, but it should be made clear that it is not possible for us to continue our path together.

It is important for us to stress how much we appreciate Alex as a musician and that we wish him all the best both in his private life and musical career.

We hope you understand our decision and you go on supporting HSF as much as you did in the past.

HSF is and always will be a band that can only exist as a team.

To prevent rumours and speculations: This decision of ours will not have an effect on our existence as a band. We will also play all future shows with a substitute.

Christian, Christoph, Dennis, Markus und Sebastian.

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