Motion City Soundtrack vertelt over nieuw album

Motion City Soundtrack vertelt over nieuw album

Onlangs is de drummer van Motion City Soundtrack geïnterviewd over o.a. het nieuwe album van zijn band. In dit interview gaat het dan vooral over de drumpartijen op het nieuwe album, dat “Go” heet. Hieronder kun je een fragment uit dit interview lezen.

In “Circuits And Wires” you play a really fast triplet roll around the kit — really fast. It’s like a part you would have to play if you were in a cover band. Why that roll instead of a more broken-up pattern?
Our bass player wanted a big fill right there, because it’s a quiet chorus. But then when it kicks back in it gets a lot bigger at that moment. So we felt like it should have a nice big fill right there, and it starts right when the vocal ends and then the big fill happens and everything kicks in.

Then in “The Coma Kid,” you’re playing a ride pattern on some sort of rim. It makes the drums stand out.
Actually, it was written with me playing on the snare rim, then in the studio we used a metal rod sticking from a mount and I played it like a hi-hat. I wanted to try things out on this record. On previous records, I always just wanted to nail the song, in as few takes as possible. I looked at as a challenge, and as a matter of pride. I can do this. Nail the song in a take and move on. I tracked without much coming from Pro Tools. But this time because the songs took shape in the studio, we had a minimal scratch track and I would play a guide, then we fleshed out the songs. Then as the songs took shape I would figure out my part.

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