There For Tomorrow heeft geld nodig

There For Tomorrow heeft geld nodig

De heren van There For Tomorrow hebben onlangs een Kickstarter project aangemaakt. Kickstarter is een site waarop mensen hun creatieve ideeën kunnen zetten. Het onhandige is vaak er wel ideeën zijn, maar het geld ervoor ontbreekt. Daarom kun je een project op Kickstarter zetten, en via deze site kunnen andere mensen het project wat hen aanspreekt steunen door geld te doneren.

Dit deed There For Tomorrow omdat zij binnenkort naar Europa komen, maar zij hebben een beetje geld nodig om rond te komen en een deel van de financiën te dekken. Op hun Kickstarteraccount hebben zij de volgende statement geplaatst:

We’d like to start off by saying thank you for visiting our Kickstarter project. To whom ever is reading this right now, thank you for at least checking out what it is we have to offer. I’ll try to keep this as brief as possible!

A lot of you may be wondering why a band like us would be coming to our fans for money. Well the truth is… touring is very expensive, especially internationally. We’ve recently been confirmed for the biggest support tour we’ve ever done in the UK (one of our favorite places to tour) as well as a Headline Run in mainland Europe. Sadly our biggest setback is that we just can’t afford to fork over the thousands of dollars it costs for this type of touring. We truthfully don’t have it. Between personal bills & our own lives to support we can’t pay out of our own pockets for this. Or else we would, in a heart beat. So we found ourselves at a crossroads where we had 2 decisions. Opt to not take this amazing tour opportunity. Or try something interactive with our amazing family of supporters. The name “Kickstarter” couldn’t be more appropriate for what this project is.

So here it is…
We’ve come up with most logical/realistic money goal to make our upcoming UK & European Tours a reality. Between transatlantic air fair, van rental, gear rental, hotels & just to plain eat we’re asking for $6,500. That $6,500 is literally the bare minimum in expenses for us 4 to cross the Atlantic & begin these tours. We truthfully want this more than anything. This is shaping up to be the most amazing tour throughout UK/Europe we’ve ever done.

This is also one of the most exciting times for us as a band. We’re all growing up into adulthood together & writing the best music we’ve ever created. The past decade in There For Tomorrow has been a wild ride & a lot of those emotions are going into this next wave of our sound, and we can’t wait to share it with the world. We don’t want anyone putting themselves in financial trouble by helping us. If you can’t afford it, that doesn’t make you any less of a TFT fan. Every dollar counts & will literally help take us miles ahead! Literally!!

So, we have a bunch of prizes that we put a lot of thought into. We wanted to make sure that IF you are going to donate to US, we would to give you something special in return. However, you might not think Christian’s pants from Warped Tour are special… we just think it’s funny. So please check out all the rewards we have listed on the right side of this page! It goes from an exclusive tour documentary DVD, that only our Kickstarter backers will get, to a private acoustic show for you & your friends.

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