DVD Destine is af

DVD Destine is af

De Nederlandse pop rock band Destine had enige tijd geleden al bekend gemaakt dat zij een DVD  zouden uitbrengen. Deze DVD zou de naam ‘Footprints’ dragen. Vandaag hebben de heren van Destine bekend gemaakt dat de DVD af is. Hieronder is de cover te zien, en nog even daaronder staat het volledige verhaal die Laurens, keys en vocals, bij de afbeelding heeft gezet.




















Early 2011 we came up with the idea to bring a camera team everywhere we go to document everything we do. Eventually we wanted to have a 100 minute DVD that we wanted to premiere in a big cinema. An ambitious plan that seemed very unlikely to realize.

Making video is a lot of work and by making DestineTV, I kinda knew what I was getting myself in to. I also knew that I was not able to do this alone. Not just the time consuming editing, subtitling and all other aspects that need to be taken care of, also filming was something I wanted somebody else to do. The best footage doesn’t get shot when you have to film yourself, because you will simply miss the spontaneous moments if you don’t have a camera running all the time. That’s why we asked Robin Datema to make sure that every move we make is filmed. Robin or one of his crew members joined us everywhere we went and filmed everything throughout the whole year.

When I landed in Amsterdam a few weeks ago after finishing my work in the studio for the new album, Robin and I had to finish editing the film. It is a crazy amount of work and the deadlines were strict and tight. More than once we found ourselves skipping nights of sleep and canceling appointments to get everything done on time. With great help of everyone involved making the film what it is now, I am thrilled to say that the Footprints documentary is finished. It has been a monster to make, but when I see it now I have a smile from ear to ear. I love creating something that seems impossible, losing myself completely in the process and finally see something that makes me proud.

Check out the ‘FOOTPRINTS: a year in the life’ DVD cover below. Lucas from Pankra and Hubrecht created the artwork for the DVD. It will be available worldwide, and you will be able to order it online on March 3rd. That’s also the day the DVD will premiere in cinema Pathé in Tilburg. Hope to see at lot of you there!


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