Interview: His Statue Falls

Interview: His Statue Falls

De heren van His Statue Falls wisten een paar jaar geleden een nieuw genre te schapen: techcore. Met hun unieke sound wisten zij ook een groot deel van de scene te veroveren, het debuutalbum “Collisions” is naast Europa, zelfs in Japan uitgebracht. Lees hieronder het interview met Alex Sauer, de frontman van de band,  en kom meer te weten over His Statue Falls.

Back in 2009, you guys toured through Europe with Enter Shikari. What kind of influence did this tour have on His Statue Falls?
Well, it definately was the best kind of promotion we could get at that moment.
We never thought that they’d choose us for a whole tour.

After the debut album “Collisions” the band had a tour through a few countries in Europe, including a few shows in The Netherlands. Is “Collisions” a succes or is it not like you expected it to be?
Collisions IS a success. It’s our first longplayer and single songs of it are downloaded 7000 times for example in sweden, and not only people in europe seem to be interested in our stuff.  The fanbase is growing worldwide.

What is the best thing about being on the road with the band?
It’s the feeling of doing all we ever wanted. That’s one of the best feelings ever. We are travelling the world, hanging out with nice people, performing our vision of music; amazing!

When can we expect the second album, and could you tell us something special about it, something nobody knows yet?
Mmmmh. It will come out this year around September, and will sound a lot more grown up. It’s still HSF, but different in many ways.. Thats all I can say at the moment.

Are you planning to get back to The Netherlands soon?
We have nothing planned yet, but we always love being in the Netherlands! If you are a promoter: HIT US UP!

How did the band grow this far?
With loads of love and hard work. Some of us are working on that dream for 16 years now!

Which place/country/venue do you guys dream of playing a show at someday?
I guess there’s no special venue or place.. It would be great for sure to tour the U.S one day. But until then we are happy with every show we have in our timeline.

What would happen to DutchScene if His Statue Falls was the boss for one day?
Everyone would get fried stuff with mayo for free!!!

Have you got anything to say to the Dutch fans?
Hello everybody. Just wanted to let you know that you are really great people, personally and as an audience.
Stay exactly the way you are and be prepared for that new record!! We love you guys!

Thank you for your time Alex!
Thank you.

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