Interview: Eyes Set To Kill

Interview: Eyes Set To Kill

De Amerikaanse band Eyes Set To Kill is sinds 18 maart aan het touren door Europa. 19 Maart was het de beurt voor Heerhugowaard om voorzien te worden van goede muziek. DutchScene heeft een interview kunnen houden met Alexia, de zangeres van de band.

Did you guys already know each other before you started the band?

Me and Anissa did, because we were and still are sisters. We’ve been through a bunch of members but we all met each other through like friends. So Caleb is one of our friends friends, so that’s how it started. It’s like a chain. Me and Anissa started the band and we always wanted the band to be a bunch of close friends.

Who came up with the bandname and how?

I wrote a poem at high school, I don’t remember it completely but I really wanted to start a band with a name that meant something. It’s just a line.

Which bands were a big inspiration to you?

For me The Beatles, I like all type of music. Darkest Hour and even Christina Aguilera, she was the person who made me want into music. Phrase got me into the heavier music.

Are there any bands you would love to tour with?

Yes, I would love to tour with Deftones and Muse and Radiohead, they are way out of our reach but they’re like my favourite band. Even Blink-182 would be cool, because they got me into wanting to be in a band, no matter what music we were playing. Just because they had so much fun on stage.

What do you like the most about The Netherlands?

Well we’ve only been here today, but I love the beachhouse and the weather.

Have you ever imagined you would achieve what you have achieved right now?

Yea, I just try to stay positive, about where I want to be, because if I doubt it’ll just be a mental thing, like it will make me think that I’m not gonna do this.

Do you have any rituals before you go on stage, or are there special things you always bring with you for luck?

Me and Anissa jump around together before we play, haha. I try to listen to music, like Nirvana. Just because Kurt Cobain is like the biggest inspiration to me, like live.

What’s the weirdest thing that has ever happened on stage?

One time there was a stage that was in two pieces, but there was a hole. And I fell in it at the beginning from the song, and I kept playing. But it’s embarrasing because I had to keep singing. Before I get on stage I was like: “I better not step in that hole.”

What’s your favourite place to perform?

Germany, no offence to you guys, haha! Germany is a place where we have a lot of crazy fans. Yesterday I heard more guys singing than girls, and it was more of a break up song so it was really weird to hear guys singing to my voice. And it was really cool.

Did any of you play in a band before Eyes Set To Kill?

Hmm, no, nobody.

What did you do before you were in the band?

I just play guitar and paint in my room. And now it’s a lot different, but that’s how I get here today.

What do you love to do on a Sunday morning?

On a Sunday morning… I don’t know, most of the time I don’t even know when it’s Sunday. I used to go to the church, but that was when I never toured.

What’s on your rider?

I have no idea, I think we just have a bunch of meat and cheese and sandwiches and whiskey. And the local beer.

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