Interview: All Time Low

Interview: All Time Low

All Time Low is op dit moment druk bezig met de “Dirty Work” tour door Europa en ze stonden op 16 februari in de Melkweg, Amsterdam. Leadzanger Alex Gaskarth wist ondanks het drukke tourschema toch tijd vrij te maken voor een interview met DutchScene over het succes van de band, het aankomende album en het touren.

Currently, you are doing a tour in Europe and on the 16th of February you played the second Dirty Work Tour show in Amsterdam. During this show, you played a song from the new album “Dirty Work”, that will be released around April. What can we expect from this album?
This album shows some grown in our writing without escaping the style and genre of music that us and our fans are used to hearing. We’ve taken our typical pop punk/rock songs and put more thought into the hooks and riffs. I spent a lot more time on the lyrics this time around which fans of our earlier stuff will appreciate. Lyrically this CD could be compared to our early EP’s and first full length, The Party Scene.

This was your third show in the Melkweg, and the tickets were sold out for the second time. Did you guys expect this?
Not at all. It still blows us away that we can travel so far from home and play to sold out crowds. The love and support over here is amazing. The Melkweg is a great place and we’re so happy the shows do well there, so we can continue coming back.

All Time Low

There are some rumors going around that you all want to go your own way in the near future because you’re sick of the routines. How do you see your future?
Not at all! This band has so much potential and growth still ahead of us, none of us are thinking of breaking off and doing our own thing. We have a new label and were starting to play shows in new countries and places around the world, so this all feels very new and fresh to us! We’re not stopping or switching things up anytime soon.

“Nothing Personal” did well in the Netherlands and even got on TMF. You were in the ‘superchart’ for a few weeks with “Lost in Stereo”. Do you expect to achieve the same success with “Dirty Work”?Hopefully. We have a new label pushing things and the ultimate goal with switching to them was to jump to the next level all around the world. So if all goes as planned, Dirty Work will go to places Nothing Personal couldn’t everywhere in the world.

In the Netherlands, you have a pretty big fanbase with lots of girls, but quite a lot of guys as well. What kind of audience do you prefer?
We love having a mixed fan base. In the states the majority of our fans are girls, but we write music that can appeal to both genders. There is definitely something for everyone in our music, and it would be great if we could have more of a guy fan base. Not that we don’t love our female fan base, who wouldn’t love 1000 girls watching them, but it would be nice to mix in a few more guys.

How were you discovered (in the music industry)?
The internet. All bands are discovered on the internet now-a-days. Its has revolutionize and destroyed the music industry at the same time. So many bands can be heard and really grow via the internet, but since everything is free the industry itself is crashing because there is no income anymore. We are so grateful for the internet. It is the reason we can come to places like Amsterdam. We are a small band from Baltimore, Maryland, it amazes us that our music has traveled this far.All Time Low

Is there a city or country where you’d really like to play a gig? Also, is there a band with who you’d really like to play a gig with?
We have been to 5 of the 7 continents. Im hoping there is a demand for us somewhere in Africa so all we have left is Antarctica. If thats the case well take some acoustic guitars down and play for the penguins and bears just to say we’ve been all over the world. haha!

Do you have any tips for (beginning) Dutch bands who are well on their way to the top?
Put as much online as you can. Videos, music, pictures, anything. Create a strong online presence and people will start to take notice of you. Then play as often as you can. Our entire career has been based off of our live show. We don’t have radio hits or anything, we just play shows and have a great time while doing it. Have fun and people will want to have fun with you. Lastly, take what you do serious, but not too serious. Music is fun. Enjoy it, and if you succeed don’t forget why you started making music in the first place.

On tour happen lots of weird and funny things. What is the most outstanding experience you’ve had on tour?
We get asked this questions a lot and its so hard to answer. Something happens nearly every night. Just being on tour in general is an adventure. We’ve pissed off a lot of people and had a lot of close calls but its tough to remember and pin point exact moments, let alone remember what goes on.

What do you like most about the Netherlands?
The city (Amsterdam) is beautiful! The canals and roadways and building are all just a sight to see. I also love how friendly everyone is and how clean the city is. Everyone uses bikes and little boats. Its so different from the hustle and bustle of American cities.

What would you do with DutchScene if you could be their boss for one day?
I would make everyone strip down to their underwear and play a huge game of charades via video chat!

And last, is there something you’d like to say to your Dutch fans?
Thanks! Without your love and support we couldn’t come here. We’re so lucky enough people care that we can come here over and over. It truly is amazing and we owe it all to them!

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