Interview: The Maine

Interview: The Maine

Als je een BlackBerry hebt dan ken je The Maine zeker al aangezien hun videoclip van het nummer “Into Your Arms” er al standaard op geprogrammeerd staat. De band die in 2007 startte heeft in hun bestaan al veel dingen bereikt, zo waren ze mee met de “Vans Warped Tour” in 2009 en kwam hun nieuwe album “Black and White” dit jaar uit. Wij spraken met Kennedy Brock, de gitarist van de band.

How did you guys know each other before you started the band?
Pat and Garrett were in previous bands with other, which is how I met them and John and Jared went to school together, when they were younger.

In 2007 you started the band. The same year you signed a contract at Fearless Records and now the whole world knows The Maine. That should be great, right?
Absolutely, it’s been incredible, and I can not wait for what lies ahead of us!

After the Vans Warped Tour in 2009, you released your debut album “Can’t stop, Won’t stop” and recently your second album was released. The lyrics are most of the time about love. Are the they based on your own lives?
Sometimes, but I will leave that answer vague, since I don’t write the lyrics.

The music video “Into your arms” is preloaded on the BlackBerry bold 9700 smartphone, was that a big influence on the bands success?
It is definitely a great spot to have our song, and I’m sure it has helped us reach a new audience! However, our success is directly influence by our hard work.

Are there any big things coming up for The Maine in 2010?
Our album black and white has been a great accomplishment of 2010. We will be touring a lot this year and looking dr new ways to release more new material.

What’s the weirdist thing a fan ever did?

We once had a fan attempt to climb through the back window of the bus, unsuccessfully though.

Got anything left to say to your fans in the Netherlands?
Thank you so much for your support, and we hope to visit you very soon!

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