Funeral For A Friend heeft een nieuwe bassist

Funeral For A Friend heeft een nieuwe bassist

Funeral For A Friend schreef op hun MySpace over hun veranderingen in de band. Dit begon van de week met het bericht dat hun bassist Darren Smith de band had verlaten.

“Step forward Mr Gavin Burrough. You all know Gav as the big fella who’s been melting your hearts and faces for the last couple of years while playing bass for us. Some of you with longer memories might remember Gav tearing it up on his beloved six string guitar as a founding member of both ‘Hondo Maclean’ and ‘The Future’. As great as it’s been having Gav on bass for the last couple of years, he’s still never really “gotten over” his first love – his guitar. Suffice it to say, Gav’s contribution to the new record and interplay with Kris has been mind-blowing and we can’t wait for you all to hear it.

So this left us with a dilemma. Do we:
1) Continue without a bassist and go for that “White Stripes” sound and write an album of ‘7 Nation Army’ rip offs?
2) Go out and find ourselves a fantastically talented Nordic looking bassist with locks of gold and a penchant for good curry and crap jokes?

We chose option 2. Welcome Richard Boucher. You’re gonna love him. He’s SO good on bass that we let someone with blonde hair join our band. That ought to be an indication of how great he is. He’s a bit tasty on the guitar as well actually, and has been contributing some great material in that area too. The creative well is well and truly overflowing. Exciting times.”

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