Attack Attack! reageert op berichten van hun zanger

Attack Attack! reageert op berichten van hun zanger

De bandleden van Attack Attack! en de zanger hebben ruzie en daarom kan de zanger niet meer verder met de band en andersom. Austin Carlile heeft gezegd dat de band door zal gaan met hem, zelfs als hij allemaal nieuwe bandleden moet zoeken. De band heeft nu weer gereageerd op hun zanger:

“Boys and Girls,
We are here to address the new rumor that Austin is back in AA!. I would first like to point out that it would be the coldest day in hell for him to get back in our band. To clear this whole thing up, we’ll start with the history.

Someday Came Suddenly – We recorded SCS with Joey Sturgis in July of 2008 WITH Austin doing vocals.

September 11th, 2008 – We left Ohio with Austin in the band to go on our first tour ever, the Rise Records tour.

(3) Three weeks later, we left him in a dark parking lot in Salt Lake City, Utah. He sat there and cried like a little girl while we drove away from him.


Austin would repeatedly claim that we were a “Christian” band on stage WHILE BEING COMPLETELY DRUNK AND CONTINUING TO DRINK ON STAGE.

He abused his prescription medications, drank heavily, and slept with anything that crossed his path. He is an egotistical maniac, and an arrogant jerk.

We gave him everything. We gave him a family, our homes, our money, our love. And all he did in return was throw it all back in our faces. He personally went out of his way to ruin Caleb’s life on tour because Caleb tried to tell Austin that what he was doing was messed up.

I can sit here all day and name off under age girls that he’s slept with, people he’s screwed over, stolen from, lied to, and used for his own selfish purposes.

Austin made our band?!

Austin almost destroyed our band. The only reason we are where we’re at right now, is because all of us had the drive to push through all of that horse-shit, and do something with our lives. I can speak for everyone in the band when I say that all of the rest of the dudes in Of Mice are some of the greatest people we have ever met. We love each and every single one of them.

We also love all of OUR loyal fans that have stuck with us through all of the drama, and all of the shit, because you all know that there has to be a good reason for Austin’s “departure.” I can’t describe how stoked we are that this can finally come to light.

Austin, I know you’re reading this.
No Respect.

AND THE REST OF THE BAND – Attack Attack!”

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