Interview: Attack! Attack! (UK)

Interview: Attack! Attack! (UK)

Ze zijn al vaak in ons land geweest, hun songs staan op Guitar Hero 5 en ze zijn één van Kerrangs favoriete bands. Dan kan ik het natuurlijk alleen maar over Attack! Attack! hebben. Deze jongens die uit Wales komen worden vaak vergeleken met hun naamgenoten, alleen vinden ze zichzelf een stuk beter. Met een nieuw album op de planning en een nieuwe tour vonden wij het tijd om frontman Neil te interviewen.

Ben je benieuwd naar de podiumkunsten van Attack! Attack!? Ze staan op 6 april met Zebrahead in de Waerdse Tempel in Heerhugowaard.

There is another band called Attack! Attack! too, isn’t that fustrating if people think you’re that band?
Yes because we often get confused with them, but we are better :D

Attack! Attack! is growing everyday, featured on guitar hero 5, video’s on kerrang and shows outside the uk, is it a dream that came true?
Yes it is . things have and continue to move very fast for us. We are having an amazing time !

What is the bands biggest inspiration?
Anything and everything is inspiring in some ways, it amazes me everyday when i wake up to think that this is my job and that people care about our band. Our fans are our inspiration!

What could we expect of Attack! Attack! in 2010?
A new album in September, a brand new single in May, a mainland european tour in April, UK tour in May. Exciting times!

Attack! Attack! tours a lot with other bands, is there a headliner tour coming up?
We headline UK in May but in Europe mainland for now we are still trying to build up a fan base so the next tour there will be with Zebrahead in April.

How did you started Attack! Attack!, were you friends before?
Yes we were all friends from other bands and decided to start a fresh band, we never expected it to take off so quickly haha.

If you could be the owner of for one day, what should you do with it?!
Promote Attack! Attack! to everyone haha.

What bands do you like to compare yourself with?
Foo Fighters , Pearl Jam , Jimmy Eat World , Lostprophets…

What has been your biggest challenge as a band?
Recording the first album without any financial help from anyone, we paid for it all our selves, that was the biggest risk and challenge so far.

What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands, how must they start?
Just have fun, write songs that you want to hear and hopefully there will be others out there with the same music taste as you.

Do you have any last words for us? , come see us in April :D

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